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Boiler Grants

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Under the Governments ECO Scheme, qualifying home owners may have their old and inefficient boiler replaced for free or receive a subsidy. The ECO scheme is aimed at low income households with older boilers who would benefit from more efficient home heating.  

A more efficient boiler will not only provide cheaper heating for qualifying homeowners, and they also help reduce carbon emissions. In order to qualify for a free boiler, you simply need to meet a few criteria and have a boiler that is older than 5 years. 


Get a free gas boiler for your home thanks to the Government ECO scheme and enjoy a warm home.



Energy efficient and environmentally friendly electric storage heaters installed free of charge.



Your free boiler if yours to keep. There is no commitment to pay for it, either now or in the future.


Boiler Scrappage

The boiler scrappage scheme makes it easy and affordable for low earning homeowners to maintain and upgrade their homes heating. 

To qualify for a free boiler, you will need to:

  • Own your home
  • Claim benefits
  • Have an old boiler

Local and approved boiler professionals.

New Boiler Grants

Free Boiler Replacement For Pensioners

If you claim pension credit, you may be able to receive a free replacement boiler. This service is provided at no cost as part of the Governments ECO scheme, which aims to improve the efficiency of heating homes. Please use the form below to check with local installers about eligibility and arranging free boiler replacement for pensioners and low income households.

“I was extremely grateful for my new replacement boiler. My old boiler broke down and I was provided with a new boiler free of charge thanks to your assistance.”

Brent Smyth


Boiler Grants

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“I am on a low income, so finding money for a boiler would have been almost impossible. The boiler replacement grant was a complete life saver.”

Linda Taylor

Single Parent

“My boiler was quite old and becoming very expensive to maintain. I had no idea there was a boiler grant scheme in place until I stumbled on to your site.”

Arthur P.

Low Earner

Boiler Service & Repair Grants for your Home.

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Free Boiler Grant

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