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We have boiler engineers conveniently located throughout the UK. To find the number of your local technician, simply complete the short form above and follow the prompts.

If you are having boiler problems, calling is one of the fastest ways of helping to determine the potential problem with your boiler, as well as the costs involved with repairing it. Calling a boiler specialist is also a convenient way of discussing replacing and upgrading units, as well as annual servicing.

Before you call, be sure to have some handy information to hand:

  • Your boiler technician will need to know what type of boiler you have, whether it be a combi-boiler, conventional or system boiler.
  • The type of fuel your boiler uses is also very important. Gas boilers will require a Gas Safe registered engineer.
  • If your boiler is broken, what are the symptoms (for example, do you have heating but no hot water?).
  • If you are looking to replace your boiler, where you looking for a similar unit, a more powerful boiler or even a different fuel boiler?
  • If you need a service, it will be useful to know when it was last serviced, the make and model.

The boiler engineer will often arrange a visit to diagnose issues and carry out repairs. They can also provide help and advice when choosing your new boiler, if you are looking to replace your current unit.


Speaking with your local boiler engineer is a great way to find answers quickly and easily. You can also search the numerous in-depth articles and advice guides on for more help. 

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