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Boiler Servicing

A boiler service will ensure your unit is working at it’s best, providing economical heating and hot water for your home. Generally, you should have your boiler serviced at least once a year by a qualified professional.

During a boiler service, your technician will thoroughly check your unit, ensuring it is in great shape. They will also look for any defects or issues that could reduce the performance of your boiler or even potentially be dangerous, such as a gas leak.

One off and Annual Boiler Service for gas, combi, electric and other types of boiler


How much does a Boiler Service Cost?

The average cost of servicing a boiler typically ranges from £60 to £100, with local independent boiler technicians typically costing less than larger national firms.

There are a number of factors that can influence the cost of servicing your boiler, including the regularity of your service, whether repairs are required and even your location within the UK.

It is often recommended that you service a boiler annually, but you can also choose a one off boiler service at a time period that suits you (whether that be more or less frequent than an annual service). Many boiler companies offer incentives and discounted prices for customers who opt for an annual boiler service plan.

If repairs are required as part of your service, this can increase the costs. If problems are discovered, the boiler technician will be able to provide advice on what needs to be fixed and the costs involved.

Like with any home service, it is always a good idea to request a quote from at least 3 local suppliers to ensure you are receiving a fair boiler service price.

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One-off Boiler Service

A one off boiler service is conducted at an interval decided by the homeowner, rather than at a scheduled time each year. There are a number of reasons you may decide to choose one off boiler servicing, whether it be to help costs low or perhaps you would like your boiler serviced at more frequent intervals.

We recommend servicing gas boilers at least once per year to ensure they are safe and working correctly.

Find out how much a one-off boiler service costs in your area.

Annual Boiler Service

There are an increasing number of homeowners opting for an annual boiler service schedule. Just like a car MOT, having an annual boiler check up will help it work at it’s best and most importantly, ensure that it is safe to use.

As well as keeping your boiler in great shape, choosing an annual boiler service is often cheaper than one off services. Many boiler and heating companies reward customers who schedule yearly boiler maintenance.

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Gas Boiler Service

Servicing a boiler should always be done by a professional, but with a gas boiler service it is essential you always choose a Gas Safe registered engineer. All of our boiler professionals are registered and approved, so you are in good hands.

A gas boiler service also differs from other types of boilers due to the possibility of carbon monoxide leaks. This invisible gas has no smell, and can be fatal. Servicing for gas boilers should be carried out on a regular basis, and we recommend keeping to an annual schedule.

Gas Safe Registered Engineers

As gas can be extremely dangerous, it is essential that you always use a Gas Safe registered boiler engineer. All of our boiler engineers are Gas Safe registered, which is a mark of their competence and training to professionally carry out gas boiler servicing.

No matter which company you choose to service your boiler, make sure your engineer is Gas Safe registered.

Gas Boiler Service Cost and Repairs

Electric Boiler Servicing

Many people believe that electric boilers require less frequent servicing. Unlike a gas, an electric boiler won’t emit dangerous carbon monoxide gases if it malfunctions. As such, there are fewer safety risks by not regularly servicing an electric boiler.

However, there are a number of benefits of servicing an electric boiler. A regular service will help the unit run efficiently, which can save you money on your annual power bill.

During the service inspection, any faults will be identified and fixed before they become potentially expensive problems that will leave you without hot water and heating whilst waiting for a technician to carry out the repair.

Boiler Check – What is done during a service?

Even if you regularly have your boiler serviced, you may not fully understand what checks and work is carried out. Generally, the following inspections, cleaning and tests will be carried out during an annual boiler check.

  • Check the integrity and condition of all seals and gaskets.
  • Inspection of the chimney structure.
  • Inspection of burner, combustion chamber, injectors & heat exchanger.
  • Inspection of ignition devices (such as pilot lights, spark and electrodes).
  • Inspect and clean condensate traps and drains.
  • Test operating pressures, effectiveness of the flue & safety devices.
  • Test hot water & heating, making any adjustments that may be required.
  • Cleaning of parts, if required.

As part of the boiler service check, faults may be discovered and need repair. This can increase the cost of boiler maintenance, but finding and fixing issues can prevent your boiler from being damaged and will improve efficiency, which will reduce save you money over time.

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Brand Servicing

Below we have some more information about servicing the UK’s leading boiler brands. Some of these manufacturers even provide boiler servicing and repairs, however prices can be higher than using a local independent boiler engineer.

Worcester Bosch Boiler Service

Worcester Bosch offer support and maintenance plans. These service plans provide extensive inclusions, such as regular maintenance and servicing. And if the boiler technician finds a fault and your boiler needs to be repaired, the costs are covered up to the value of £1,500.

Whilst a Worcester Bosch Boiler service plan provides complete piece of mind, the prices are much higher when compared to other providers. They are also mostly beneficial for boilers that are outside of warranty.

They often use a network of local boiler technicians, rather than their own engineers. As such, you will often be able to find the same high level of service at a cheaper price by going direct to the local technician.

Ideal Boiler Service

Similar to Worcester Bosch, Ideal Boiler servicing is available through a network of local technicians throughout the UK. These technicians meet the Ideal boiler maintenance standards and are competent with Ideal units.

In many cases, it will be cheaper to book a local boiler engineer directly, and you are likely to receive the same or even better level of service. If you need a local boiler technician, request a quote today!

Vaillant Boiler Service

Vaillant boilers are popular throughout the UK, but who should you choose to service your boiler. Vaillant has a number of their own technicians who are trained to know all the ins and outs of a Vaillant boiler.

On of the main drawbacks of a Vaillant boiler technicians is the limited availability throughout the UK. The price of a Vaillant boiler service is £85, which is around the average cost of larger firms, but it is more expensive than many local independent engineers.

Baxi Boiler Service

Just like the other major boiler manufacturers, Baxi boiler servicing can be organised directly on the Baxi website or by calling their customer service. A Baxi boiler service includes a thorough safety check, inspection of all components, checks for leaks and more.

We always recommend checking prices against at least 3 other local suppliers. We can help – quickly check the prices of local boiler engineers.

Glow Worm Boiler Service

Glow Worm provide some of the cheapest boilers available in the UK. Glow Worm are part of the Vaillant Group, and they use the same boiler servicing technicians. The price of servicing a Glow Worm boiler is also the same at £85.

As with Vaillant boiler servicing, you will most likely be able to find a cheaper deal with a local boiler engineer. However, The in-house team of boiler engineers at Glow Worm do have an exceptional knowledge of their machines.

British Gas Boiler Servicing

British Gas are one of the UK’s leading boiler service providers. They have a national network made up of thousands of boiler specialists who can assist with everything from installations to annual maintenance.

The cost of a British Gas boiler service starts from £79.30, which is an introductory rate available for the first year. British Gas boiler servicing is available as an annual service, which you pay for like a subscription, rather than offering one-off boiler services.

Homeserve Boiler Servicing

Homeserve has earned a reputation as one of the UK’s leading boiler maintenance and repair companies. They have extensive coverage around the nation, and pricing is relatively straightforward.

A typical Homeserve boiler service costs from £84, and is carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer. For cheaper boiler servicing prices, we recommend checking the prices of local and independent technicians. Why not request a quote now?

Boiler Servicing FAQ

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive regarding boiler servicing and maintenance. If you can’t find answers to your questions, please have a look around on our other pages or get in touch.

Why should I service my boiler?

There are many benefits to service a boiler annually, with safety and efficiency the two most popular.

Carbon monoxide can be fatal. It has no smell and can’t be seen. A faulty gas boiler can emit dangerous carbon monoxide, putting your home at risk. As part of an annual boiler service, the technician will check for leaks, ensure everything is clean and properly functioning, and inspect seals and gaskets.

Over time, boilers can become less efficient. Dirt and grime can build up within your boiler, reducing the performance and costing you more. With an annual boiler, the technician will thoroughly inspect your unit and clean away any dirt. The result of a more eco-friendly boiler that uses less energy to heat your home and hot water, saving you money.

If you are interested in a professional boiler service, we can help! Check prices and find an approved boiler technician in your area.

Fixing Common Boiler Issues

Below are a few of the most common problems homeowners face with their boilers, and how we can help fix them. Regular servicing and maintenance can help to prevent and fix the problem early, ensuring you are not left in the cold.

My heating or hot water isn’t working

Our trained boiler technicians will help get your heating back and your hot water flowing again. They will identify the issue, and fix your boiler, controls or central heating.

My pilot light has gone out

Relighting a pilot light can be complicated, and it differs between manufacturers and units. Our engineers are trained to work with all boiler brands, so will ensure your heating and hot water is back on in no time.

My thermostat isn’t working

If your thermostat isn’t working, our local boiler engineers can help. Whether your thermostat needs a quick reset or a complete replacement, our professionals will be able to provide the right advice to ensure your boiler is working all year round.

My boiler keeps switching off

There are a number of reasons your boiler may be switching off, including a safety device detecting a fault. A boiler technician will be able to run tests and determine the fault, and then fix the problem to the manufacturer’s specifications.

My radiators are cold

Your radiators may not be heating for any number of reasons, from complicated to boiler issues to frequent central heating problems, such as air in the system. Our engineers will determine the issue and quickly repair your heating.

How do I know my boiler is working safely and efficiently?

As part of your annual boiler service, the technician will check all of the seals, clean out any built up debris and test to ensure everything is safe and working at it’s best. Keeping your boiler serviced at regular intervals will not only improve the efficiency, but also ensure it is safe.

Should I DIY a Boiler Service?

We strongly recommend that you do not service your own boiler, unless you are a trained professional. Boilers can be dangerous, often combining water, electricity and gas, as well as other fuels. Any gas work must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered technician, who has been specially trained to ensure your boiler is safe.

A professional boiler engineer will also ensure all of the correct checks are conducted to the manufacturer’s standard. They will be able to clean the system, determine faults and carry out repairs.

Not only are boilers expensive, but they are also a central part of your home, providing heating and hot water. If something was to go wrong whilst servicing, you may invalidate your warranty and be left in the cold whilst waiting for a costly repair to be carried out.

How often should I service a gas boiler?

We recommend that you service gas boilers at least once per year. Not only will an annual boiler service keep your boiler efficient and help prevent breakdowns, but it will also ensure it is safe to use. 

A malfunctioning gas boiler can release dangerous carbon monoxide, which is both invisible and odourless. It is important that you always use a gas safe registered engineer to carry out gas boiler maintenance.

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