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Cost of a Boiler

There are a number of factors that can influence boiler costs, from your location in the UK to the type of boiler you have. On average, installing a new boiler costs from £1,000 to £3,500 (including installation), whilst annual servicing will generally cost from £60 to £100. One-off boiler repair costs can vary greatly, depending on the work that needs to be carried out.

Below we have provided an in-depth overview of the prices for boiler services and installations for different boiler types. You can also quickly find out how much boiler services cost in your area with our price checker.

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New Boiler Prices

New boiler prices vary greatly, typically between £500 to £2,500, depending on the type, brand, installation, size and warranty. It is important to also consider the labour cost of installing a new boiler, which will typically range from £500 to £1,500.

The table below includes the average new boiler price in the UK. Please note: these boiler prices are the cost of the unit and do not include installation. There is more information about the total cost of a boiler installation (boiler unit + fitting) under the respective headings below.

Boiler TypeAverage Price (£)
Combi Boiler£500 - 2,000
Condensing Boiler£1,300 - 2,500
Conventional Boiler£400 - 1,500
System Boiler£1,000 - 2,500
Gas Boiler£500 - 2,000
Electric Boiler£1,500 - 2,500
Oil Boiler£1,000 - 3,000
LPG Boiler£700 - 2,500
Biomass Boiler£6,000 - 13,000

Below we will look at boiler replacement costs in more detail, based on the most popular types of boiler.

Combi Boiler Prices

Combi boilers are the most popular choice for homes in the UK. They are small and efficient, and unlike a conventional boiler, you do not need a water tank, which would take up precious space within your home. 

Combi boiler prices in the UK depend on the size/power of the unit and the fuel that it burns. Whilst a small combi boiler costs around £600 to £800, it is unlikely to have enough power to heat a medium or large home, so it is important to always choose a the right boiler for your property. The table below will help you better understand combi boiler prices based on different property sizes.

Home SizeBedroomsPowerPrice (£)
Small1 - 224 - 27kW£500 to £1,600
Medium3 - 428 - 35kW£600 to £2,300
Large4+36+ kW£750 to £2,500

Combi Boiler Installation Costs

The cost of installing a combi boiler will vary depending on where you install the unit, who you have carry out the installation and even your location in the UK. The average cost of installing a new combi boiler will range from £800 to £2,000. 

Installing a new boiler in the same location as your current boiler is the cheapest method, as the fittings will be in the same place and the process is quick. If you need the boiler located in a different area, you can expect the installation cost to increase by £400 to £1,000.

Choosing a local boiler firm will often be the most affordable method of replacing your boiler. In many cases, savings can be as high as 25 – 40% compared with larger national firms, such as EDF Energy and British Gas. We have made it easy to check the prices of local boiler engineers – use our quick price checker to find combi boiler replacement prices in your area.

Combi Boiler Installation Costs by Brand

The price of the leading combi boiler manufacturers in the UK typically correspond with the power output. Boilers rated to 15-21kWh are cheaper to buy and designed for smaller properties, whilst larger 28-36kWh boilers can provide significantly more hot water and heating, and also cost more.

Below are the prices for the leading combi boiler brands:

  • Worcester Bosch combi boilers cost from £800
  • Vaillant combi boilers cost from £800
  • Baxi combi boilers cost from £600
  • Ideal combi boilers cost from £600
  • Glow Worm combi boilers cost from £500

Cheap Combi Boilers

If you are on a tight budget, you may want to consider a cheap new combi boiler, which can cost as little as £300. The size of your property will influence the price of your boiler, and larger properties will require a more powerful unit, which typically increases the costs. Smaller flats and terraced properties will be able to take advantage of the cheapest combi boilers on the market.

It is important to understand that a cheap combi boiler may be more expensive over a longer period. Whilst they are initially cheaper to install, a cheap combi boiler will typically cost more to run and may require repairs sooner than a more expensive unit.

If you are looking for a cheap combi boiler, find out exactly how much local boiler installations cost in your area with our quick price checker.

Gas Boiler Prices

One of the most popular boiler fuels is gas. Gas boilers cost less than many other types of boiler, both in terms of installation and running costs. Gas boilers are available in a range of different types, including combi, conventional and system boilers.

The cheapest gas boilers cost as little as £400, whilst larger systems can cost as much as £5,000, plus the cost of fitting. The average price of installing a new gas boiler ranges from £1,000 to £1,500.

Like with any boiler, it is important to choose the right size system for your home. Larger homes will require a more powerful system to ensure their is ample hot water for the bathrooms, kitchen and radiators.

As a general rule, the larger gas boiler required, the more expensive the price. However, the brand and type of boiler you choose will also influence the cost. Gas boiler installation prices also differ vastly between installers, so a great way of ensuring you receive a fair deal on your new boiler is to compare at least 3 local installers. Use our quick price checker tool to quickly check prices of local installers.

Electric Boiler Prices

An electric boiler is a cleaner and more environmentally friendly heating and hot water solution, especially if you are looking to replace your old oil or gas boiler. Electric boilers are also an ideal solution for homes that do not have a gas line and lack the space for an oil tank

The average cost of an electric combi boiler typically ranges from £1,100 to £2,200. Electric boilers have become increasingly economical and reliable in recent years, making them a popular choice for many homeowners.

As with all boilers, prices can fluctuate between installers and locations in the UK. To find out how much a boiler costs in your area, check out our boiler price checker tool.


Oil Boiler Prices

An oil powered boiler is one of the main alternatives to gas. Generally, oil boilers cost more than an equivalent gas powered boiler, and they also require an oil tank to be positioned on the property.

Generally, the cost of installing an oil boiler will range from £1,100 to £3,500. Prices will depend on the model, brand, type and size boiler you choose. Larger and more powerful boilers will generally cost more than smaller units.

Oil boiler installation prices also vary between firms. A great way of ensuring you are receiving a fair price is to compare the prices of at least 3 local installers. We can help – if you need a new oil boiler, request a quote today!

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Boiler Cost by Brand

Below we have included the average boiler prices of the leading boiler manufacturers. The boiler brand you choose can drastically change the overall fitting cost of a new boiler. Some brands, such as Glow Worm and Baxi offer more affordable boilers, whereas Worcster Bosch and Vaillant are typically more expensive.

It is important to note that some boiler engineers only work with specific brands or boiler types, so be sure to specify the boiler type you want when receiving a quote.

The boiler prices below are for the boiler unit only and does not include installation.

ManufacturerCost (£)
Glow Worm£500 - 1,000
Baxi£600 - 900
Ideal£600 - 1,100
Potterton£700 - 1,100
Vaillant£800 - 1,500
Worcester-Bosch£800 - 2,100

How much will installation cost?

The average boiler installation cost is typically £500 to £1,500, depending on the type of boiler you have installed. If you are having your boiler installed in a different location or changing the type of boiler you have installed (such as changing from a gas boiler to biomass boiler), you can expect the price to increase.

The best way of keeping prices down is to compare quotes from multiple providers, and then choose the one that is right for your needs and budget. You can use our boiler price quick checker tool to easily find the prices of local providers in your area.

New Boiler Savings

Replacing a boiler may seem like a daunting and costly task, but newer boilers can save you money in the long run due to more energy efficient heating and hot water. Replacing your boiler can increase the warmth of your home and also save you money on your heating costs.

The amount of money you will save by installing a new boiler will depend on how old and inefficient your current boiler is, as well as the type of fuel it uses. 

The size of your property will also influence the energy savings you make, so we will provide 2 examples based on upgrading an inefficient G-rated gas boiler to a new A-rated boiler. A detached home could expect to save £280 to £350 each year, whilst a terraced home would save £150 to £200 annually.

As you can see, the boiler replacement costs will be recouped over the following years thanks to the energy savings.

Boiler Service Cost

The average cost of a boiler service ranges from £60 to £100. There are a number of factors that can influence the cost of a boiler service, including your boilers age and brand, who carries out the servicing and even your location in the UK.

When having your boiler serviced, it is important to be mindful that if a fault is found and a repair is required, this can increase the cost.

Generally, a boiler service is best left to a professional and shouldn’t be carried out as a DIY project. Whilst some boiler servicing can be simple, a qualified professional will be able to conduct more in-depth tests and ensure your boiler is working at it’s best.

One-Off Boiler Service Prices

The average one-off boiler service costs from £60 to £100. If you are looking for a cheap boiler service, you may want to consider a local boiler engineer, as the larger national firms will often charge 20-40% more for a comparable service.

The table below provides an example of how much a boiler service costs with different providers.

CompanyBoiler Service Cost
Local Technician£50 - 80
British GasFrom £79
ValliantFrom £79
EDF EnergyFrom £80
HomeserveFrom £84
Worcester-BoschFrom £90
BaxiFrom £96

You may also want to consider Boiler cover, which will protect your boiler if it breaks. Many boiler cover plans, which typically cost from £9 to £14 per month, also include a free annual boiler service.  

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Boiler Repair Prices

Boiler repair costs can vary greatly, depending on the work that needs to be carried out and the firm you hire to carry out the repair. On average, national firms, such as British Gas and Homeserve, will cost around 25% to 40% more than smaller local boiler engineers. 

In the table below you will find the costs of different boiler repairs. Please note: these prices are estimates, as the type of boiler you have and your location in the UK can influence the cost. For accurate prices, please request a quote.

Replacement PartCost (£)
Timer£80 - 100
Flue£140 - 160
Air Pressure Switch£180 - 200
Pump£200 - 240
Fan£210 - 250
Gas Valve£230 - 270
Diverter Valve£330 - 380
Heat Exchanger£370 - 430

Be sure to check your boilers warranty period, as repairs that are required within the warranty period will normally be fixed free of charge. 

Common Boiler Repair Faults

Below are some of the common boiler faults a boiler engineer can fix and repair.

No heat or hot water

There are a number of reasons this can occur. Some common causes include there being no pilot light, there is a problem with the diaphragm, an airlock or a motorised valve has failed. In some cases the thermostat is not turned up high enough or there is a leak in the central heating.

Cool or cold radiators

A common cause of cold radiators is trapped air. In most cases, this can be quickly fixed with a radiator key which allows the air to escape and the warm water will then properly circulate throughout the radiator. The radiator valve may also need replacing, and in some cases a power flush can be used to clean the radiator.


This problem is caused by limescale building up within the system, and is particularly common in locations with hard water, such as London. This can be fixed by fitting a scale reducer, and your boiler engineer may also suggest a power flush to clean out any built up limescale.

Leaking boilers

Leaks can occasionally occur within a boiler or throughout a central heating system. In most cases, leaks can be prevented with regular boiler servicing. Leaks typically result from faulty or old seals.

Pilot light turns off

When pilot lights don’t ignite or keep turning off there could be a broken thermocouple or a problem with the gas valve. In other cases the pilot light may need to be cleaned if it is being blocked by debris. It is also a good idea to check that there isn’t a draught that could be blowing out the pilot light.

Banging noises

Banging noises are commonly caused by either debris or air within the system. A build up of limescale within the system can also result in a boiler producing unusual sounds. Low pressure is another cause of banging sounds. A boiler technician will be able to quickly diagnose and fix the problem.

Thermostat problems

Older thermostats can become less reliable as they age. You may want to consider upgrading to a smart thermostat (such as nest or hive), or installing a new thermostat controller.

Losing pressure

A boiler system losing pressure is commonly caused by a leak within the central heating. Other possible problems include an issue with the pressure relief valve or the expansion vessel.

Frozen condensation pipe

Condensing boilers use a condensate pipe that takes away excess water away from the boiler. In some cases, this pipe can freeze which will stop the boiler from functioning correctly. 

Boiler keeps turning off

This could be caused by one of the problems listed above, such as air in the system or a blocked condensate pipe. If you need the problem fixed fast, get in touch with one of our emergency boiler engineers.

Cheap Boilers

Boilers can be expensive, but there are a few ways to keep the costs down. The best place to start is by comparing quotes from local and approved boiler engineers. We recommend receiving quotes from at least 3 suppliers – request a quote here. This will give you a good idea of how much boiler services cost in your area. The more quotes you request, the cheaper boiler prices you will find.

For the best prices, consider going for a local supplier rather than one of the larger boiler providers, such as British Gas. Local boiler engineers will typically be much cheaper, and the overall savings can be as high as 25-40%!

Certain boiler manufacturers are also cheaper than others. For example, a Glow-Worm boiler prices start from as little as £500, whereas a comparable Worcester-Bosch boiler fitted will costs upwards of £1,300.

If you are looking for a cheap boiler installation, be sure to mention this when requesting a quote.

If you own your home, have an older boiler (5+ years) and claim benefits, you may be eligible for the UK Governments ECO Free Boiler Grant Scheme.

Types of Boiler

The type of boiler you have may influence the boiler professional you choose. Certain types of boiler require specialist training and certification. For example, repairs and installations of gas boilers must be carried out by a gas safe registered engineer. Your home’s boiler type can also influence boiler engineer prices, due to the varying degrees of difficulty.

Popular Boiler Types:

You can find out more about the different types of boilers, including advice on prices and which may be best suited for your home, on our useful boiler guide page.

Boiler Prices FAQ

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive regarding boiler prices and services. If you can’t find answers to your questions, please have a look around on our other pages or get in touch.

How much does a new boiler cost?

The average cost of a boiler replacement in the UK is £1,000 to £3,500, including installation. There are a number of factors that can influence the cost of a new boiler, including the fuel type, brand, size/power, warranty and even your location in the UK.

The cost of fitting a boiler will also differ depending on whether you are replacing your current boiler in the same position, or installing the new boiler in a different location. For a boiler fitted in a new location, you can expect to pay between £400 to £1,000 more.

Can I speak to someone if I have a question?

Yes, you will be able to speak with your local boiler technician regarding any boiler services or repairs you require. Please first request a quote or use our quick price checker to find the contact details of your local boiler engineer.

How long will the boiler fix or installation take?

In most cases boiler services will be carried out in one visit. A boiler replacement can take several hours to a full day, but a simple boiler repair or servicing can often be carried out in an hour or less. For more extensive central heating work, the job time may increase.

Your local boiler professional will be able to provide advice and guidance on the estimated time frames of each job. You can also use the quick price checker to find out more about the approximate job lengths.

Can I get a free boiler?

The UK Government has a free boiler grant scheme, which is aimed at replacing older and inefficient boilers with modern and eco-friendly boilers. To qualify for a grant, you must own your home, have a boiler that is at least 5+ years old and claim benefits.

Check your eligibility and find out more about applying for a free boiler here.

How do I compare boiler prices?

We can help you compare boiler prices and find the best boiler for your home. Firstly, find the type of boiler (eg. combi, biomass, electric, etc.) you would like to install from the list above. You will then be able to compare boiler prices based on available sizes, energy rating and brands.

If you want more information and accurate pricing for your home and area, why not request a no-obligation quote?

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